Trail Rides

You are welcome to come on a trail ride with us regardless of previous experience. We adapt the tempo and level of difficulty as you like. On Sunday's we have group trail rides in the morning and afternoon. That means you can call and book on your own. The ride in the morning is for beginners and the ride in the afternoon is for more experienced riders.

Groups of atleast four can book rides any day but Sunday. If you are alone you can call to check if you can go along with others on another day if you can't go on a Sunday.

Riding Lessons

Our active riding school that closed in 2009. Kerstin still has a number of students and you can contact her if you would like to ride in a class or take private lessons.

Rent a Horse

Renting a horse can be an excellent alternative to having your own. Our horses are easy to get along with and uncomplicated. In order to rent you have to be reasonably experienced and first "test ride" so that we can find a suitable horse and discuss the conditions. We do not rent hourses for long periods, so horses can not be taken to another stall or location for the summer. In order to rent a horse you must be at least 18 years old or be accompanied by an adult.